How do I install Drupal?

To Install Drupal using the Softaculous script installer:

  1. Log in to your Cyclone Hosting CPanel.
  2. Select 'Softaculous' from the 'Software/Services' section.
  3. Find the section in Softaculous called 'Portals/CMS' and select 'Drupal'. A Drupal information page will load on the right portion of the screen.
  4. An install option can be found in the top right hand of the Drupal information page.
  5. Fill out the installation form as follows:
    1. Choose Protocol : This option allows you to choose the protocol that shows on the address bar of the individual's browser.
    2. Choose Domain : This drop-down menu includes all domain names and subdomain names that are on the account. Choose the domain name where you wish to install Drupal.
    3. In Directory : This is the option to choose the directory where Drupal will be installed. For example, to have Drupal installed in a folder called 'dir', type dir in the text box. To have Drupal installed only on the domain, leave the field blank.
    4. Database Name : This option allows you to choose the name of the Drupal database. You may leave it as the default content, which is included, or rename it.
    5. Password : Type in a password you will use to access your Drupal Administrator Dashboard. This password is very important to remember. If you lose this password, you will have to reinstall Drupal.
    Site Name : This option allows you to type in the name of your si
  1. Table Prefix : This option allows you to change the prefix of your table. This setting is for more advanced users and it is advisable to leave it as-is.
  1. Admin Username : This is where the Drupal administrative username is selected. Drupal is managed through a separate control panel. This information will be used to access that control panel.
  2. Admin Password : This is where the Drupal password is selected. It is used in conjunction with the username above to access the Drupal control panel.
  3. Admin E-mail : This address will be used shoudl the Drupal login information be lost.
  4. E-mail installation details to (optional) : Fill this box wwith the email address where you would like detailed information regarding the installation sent.
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